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I offer both hourly and project-based consulting and coordination services in marketing, strategy, and brand management. I enjoy working directly with my clients to develop customized plans that meet their unique needs. Please see my portfolio for work samples and contact me to discuss a project or request a quote.

Brand Management & Strategy Services

Manage brands, products, and portfolios; conduct brand and strategy consultations, audits, and analyses; develop strategic recommendations and plans

Content Creation & Management

Create, manage, write, and edit content for articles, sponsored pieces, advertisements, descriptions (events, products, services, lifestyle), blog posts, company literature, photos, digital marketing, etc.

Public Relations & Communications

Manage internal and external company communications, write and edit press releases, manage relationships with PR firms, and coordinate media outreach and relations

Social Media Management

Create and manage social media posts, advertisements, and accounts

Email Marketing

Create customized HTML email newsletters and e-blasts; manage email marketing services

Website Development & Management

Develop, design, and manage websites or coordinate services with web developers and agencies to create websites (including e-commerce sites); manage online/digital activity such as SEO, Google listings, Amazon seller pages, Yelp accounts, etc. 

Business Development

Manage and coordinate business development activities such as presentations, networking, market research, and CRM with vendors, partners, customers, and clients

Analytics & Customer Insights

Mine, curate, and analyze data to develop customer insights and assist in making marketing, strategy, and business decisions and help connect clients to other data services

Graphic Design, Advertising, & Branding

Work with graphic designers to create logos and graphics for websites, e-newsletters, digital, print, and radio advertisements, online listings, marketing materials, direct mail, flyers, signs, banners, etc.

Video Production & Photography

Manage services for professional videos and photos, including the selection of videographers and photographers, writing scripts & storyboards, coordinating the creation of videos, overseeing photoshoots, and guiding the communications and editing processes

Additional Services

If there is anything that you are interested in doing for your brand or your business that you do not see here, please contact me. I can customize most projects or I can help you identify the right services for your needs. I have 11+ years of experience in several different industries, and I pride myself on my flexibility, resourcefulness, and ability to connect people.

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